Kambo Shamanic Cleanse                                               

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When you are ready to truly get clean and aligned, turn to indigenous medicine.  Ceremonial medicine offers the process, and the pure materials to facilitate bodily, spiritual and emotional healing- the whole Self.  In particular, Kambo has helped thousands of people overcome addiction, autoimmune dysfunction, chronic pain, as well as mental, spiritual and emotional blocks. The waxy secretion from the Amazonian Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog is one of the most powerful natural ways to modulate and strengthen immune system, heighten all senses, reduce pain and treat infections.  It triggers a powerful release of toxins that organs and tissues are holding, and the result is unprecedented clarity, stamina using bioactive peptides. Rapéh & Sananga are served, as well. These indigenous medicines are legal, powerful agents of emotional & spiritual transformation as well as physical cleansing of the entire system. Bioactive peptides allow your system to dump its toxic load and fully release.
This indigenous and ethically obtained medicine is from the Amazon, where it has been used for centuries to purge the body, cleanse the spirit, release energetic attachments and heal disease of all kinds. It is known simply as “The Inoculation.” Tribespeople take Kambô at every season change, lifelong.
The medicine provides incredible mental clarity, sensory acuity and restored physical function, as well as pain relief for chronic conditions. It is also known as “Hunter’s Medicine,” as is taken by tribesmen prior to hunting in the jungle at night, due to the stamina and mental clarity it provides. It is especially effective for depression, anxiety, substance abuse/addictions, PTSD, sexual trauma, autoimmune issues, Lyme disease, musculoskeletal pain, heavy metal and chemical toxicity, infertility and many other conditions. Clients invariably report feeling lighter, more emotionally intact, and empowered to make changes in their life, where they were previously blocked.

Kambô is best received in a Cycle of 3 during one moon cycle, or ideally, 3 in 3 days. Connie monthly medicine circles as well as Medicine Retreats which include Kambo and other sacred indigenous medicines.

Connie provides extensive pre- and post-session integration support, beyond what most other practitioners offer. The result is more powerful, meaningful and permanent shifts for the client.

To reserve, you must pay in advance with the link below or Paypal (fb message Connie for email address). There are dietary and spiritual preparations- contact Connie directly via fb Messenger to initiate.
100% legal.  $200 per person-group ceremony; $800 series of 3 (highly recommended, within one moon cycle or 3 consecutive days). References available.

$400 Kambo & Healing Session (massage, hot stones, acupuncture & Reiki with sound healing) private;