That means a lot that you can feel the potential I’m awakening to; or reawakening to.  I agree, there’s so much I haven’t unpacked.  That’s what I feel deep inside both with performing and creating.  I feel like a pot of energy has been simmering deep inside for a couple years now just screaming for me to connect to it and release it.  I have been feeling stronger; especially when I sing.  I felt it weeks ago when I performed in Indiana.  It felt like the start of something.  I felt it when I started fully meditating at the end of the year in my new songs.  But it’s nothing compared to what I felt this weekend.  And I truly believe the work you did is helping me tap in to something bigger; something deeper.  I can feel it in my spirit and hear it in the delivery of my music and voice.  There’s an intent that wasn’t there before.  You nailed it; what I’ve been seeking with all the music, my life, the songs and performing is to come from a completely authentic place.  The authentic ME without the ego or the fear.

It’s beautiful to me the peaceful mindset I felt so deeply over the weekend. Like a weight had been lifted off my spirit.  My mind felt clear in a way that really allowed for me to bring my intentions in to fruition moment to moment.  And being completely aware of it all in a way that didn’t distract me or overwhelm me. There were many times I felt in a state of zen. No matter what was going on my mind felt calm.  I did less fighting internally and more dancing.  More of a free flowing openness within both my performances and interactions with people. Less judgement of it all. Less judgement of myself.