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Sacred Valley offers transcendent healing work with an experienced practitioner and teacher of massage. All massage sessions integrate Sound Healing and Reiki (energy work). Packages available. Sessions offer multi-faceted integration of  Massage, Sound Healing, Reiki (energy work) Crystal Therapy, Personal Ceremony, Yoga and Meditation Instruction, Shamanic healing including plants and Kambô, Wellness Integration as well as Guided Healing Adventure Travel. Each session is truly a journey.

Connie Magee combines multiple disciplines in bodywork, science and medicine, yoga, and spiritual traditions, along with deep connection to the natural world. Connie’s work involves a variety of sacred healing modalities: Comprehensive Massage treatments in 12 manual modalities, Hot Stones, Crystal Therapy and Reiki (energy work); and Sound Healing, Cupping, Ayurvedic Shirodhara and Guided Meditation. Most clients report profound results and shifts in their wellness.

Multi-modality Massage
Hot Stones & Crystal TherapyIncluded

Connie’s background as adventure guide, bodyworker, yogi, traveler, lifelong teacher (science, English, yoga, art, meditation, wilderness medicine and past Wall-Streeter) allows her to readily connect with clients of all backgrounds, and degrees of healing needed. Drawing from careers including Wilderness EMT and science teaching, combined with teaching at Cedar Stone School of Massage gives Connie a solid background in Western techniques in healing injuries, releasing physical pain and tension patterns, and restoring function.

Sound Healing = Joy

Add to this Connie’s background and studies in Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Chinese Medicine in the Daoist tradition, energy work, Shamanic healing and Native American healing practices, as well as sacred ceremony practices — all of these modalities and forms of expertise are part of the session.

Connie has an ability to create a safe, expansive and beautiful container for your healing session, and healing journey.  She has worked with professional athletes, cancer patients, adolescents as well as those simply in search of relaxation and restoration.  Your session is yours — it could be 90 minutes of deep tissues and hot stones  integrated with sound healing, or it may involve intention-setting, breathwork, movement, bodywork and guided meditation. We co-create your healing journey together.

Flexible hours and House Calls!
Specializing in Evening and Weekend appointments. Weekdays starting @ 10:00am; Evenings til 9:00pm; Weekends & Early AM by appointment. House Calls: Family/couples Sound Healing, In-Home Massage, Altar Creation, Transition Rituals. Also: Acute injury/illness/end of life. Customized sessions – call to discuss (540.416.2964).

What to Expect: Your session will include a full-scope intake and discussion pre- and post-session. Seamless integration of specialized, complimentary techniques is Connie’s specialty.  All sessions integrate sound healing and energy work, extensive intake and debrief, for emotional support and integration. Connie’s extensive training and experience in 12 different modalities and seamless integration of technique are completely unique. Sound Healing using 45 Tibetan Singing Bowls (one bowl large enough to stand in), crystal bowls, 2 gongs, 5 drums, shakers, didgeridoo, and Connie’s soothing voice combine to create the ultimate Theta-brainwave state and pure healing from the cellular level. Connie has been offering Sound Healing for four years, in yoga and meditation classes, from individuals to groups of over 100 people. Her intuitive sense guides the flow of the session, and working with your healing goals, a sacred healing experience is facilitated. Sound healing is appropriate for children, teens, adults and the aged. It is especially powerful for acute injuries, emotional trauma or imbalance, and chronic conditions. Connie is an experienced meditation instructor and offers this guidance during the session. No experience necessary; house calls welcome.

Connie’s studies in Yoga, Ayurvedic, Native American and Chinese medicine factor strongly into her work. Combining therapeutic Western techniques with several ancient modalities allows for profound healing shifts. Connie’s depth of understanding stems from teaching massage as well as practice. A Board-Level trained practitioner who embodies a wide range of styles and traditions, Connie creates a totally unique experience for each client. The session is beyond the typical spa experience. You will feel profound reduction in pain and stress levels, support for chronic conditions, alleviation of depression, anxiety, mental fatigue, and gain restful sleep. Connie includes facial and foot reflexology, hot stones and integrated Chakra Cleanse sound healing, and uses doTERRA essential oils for a profoundly centering experience.

Connie also offers guidance and materials for creating your OWN sacred space- wherever that is- and however you connect to the Divine.  Any object, memento or sacrament from your existing religious tradition is welcome…or, if you’re wishing to explore, or start from scratch, we co-create an altar and spiritual rituals that support your healing goals & needs.  Connie creates altar adornments from nature, and together we utilize stones, crystals and myriad gifts of plant and animal.  Personal altars are meant to support YOUR personal connection to the Divine and sense of spirit, no matter what tradition you honor.

Personal Healing Retreats + Adventure Healing Retreats
Individual or small group healing retreats in amazing natural settings. See Events for upcoming group options; call (540.416.2964) for individual or custom trips.

Wellness Consulting
Consultative and inspirational support for your healing journey, intrinsically part of every type of session Connie offers. Sessions can be customized, to assist you in your healing & wellness goals.

Festivals & Events
Hippie Healer Tent and all the magic that happens inside. Call for arrangements (540.416.2964); see Events for scheduled festivals.

Coming in 2020!