Sound Healing Workshops and Sound Healing Yoga & Meditation: see Teaching Schedule  at The Center Yoga in Harrisonburg, VA

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Private & Group Sessions
45 minutes to 1.5 hours • $90 to $110   Couples/small groups add $10 per person                 
2 gongs, 45 Tibetan Singing Bowls (one bowl large enough to stand in), crystal bowls, 5 drums, shakers, didgeridoo, and Connie’s soothing voice combine to create the ultimate Theta-brainwave state and pure healing from the cellular level.  Connie has been offering Sound Healing for four years, in yoga and meditation classes, from individuals to groups of over 100 people.  Her intuitive sense guides the flow of the session, and working with your healing goals, a sacred healing experience is facilitated. Sound healing is appropriate for children, teens, adults and the aged.  It is especially powerful for acute injuries, emotional trauma or imbalance, and chronic conditions and sleep disturbances. Connie is an experienced meditation instructor and offers this guidance during the session. No experience necessary; house calls welcome. Weekly classes at The Center Yoga; Purcell Park; New River Yoga, High Country Yoga and Conscious Dance Boone in Boone, NC, Private Sessions. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day extended classes.

What is Sound Healing?  As human beings, we are conductive, vibrating energy forms. As we are mostly water, we are excellent conductors for sound. When bathed in resonant sound, different areas & systems of the body respond as the waveform travels through the body to the cellular level, creating alignment. Using gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls, voice, drums, shakers and chimes, Connie will take you on a sound journey that will relax and de-stress you and bring your whole being back into a state of harmony on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is a deep sonic  experience that can include guided meditation, or added to bodywork.  Private and Public sessions are offered continually. No experience is required, and this modality only supports other treatments you may be involved in- there is no conflict with Western medical approaches.  Connie offers sound healing in every yoga & meditation class she teaches.    (The Center YogaThree Notch’d BreweryHigh Country Yoga Boone, NCBoone Conscious DanceNew River Yoga Fayetteville, WV)   Private group events in your home create powerful healing for the family, colleagues or friends.