Connie is an experienced and certified Kambo Practitioner, and also serves sacred plant & animal medicine in ceremony. Private group ceremony, retreats and individual work by request. Connie is a member of the Oklevueha Native American Church, whose sanctioned use of plant and animal medicines is protected by Constitutional law.

Connie combines the medicines with Journey work, sacred touch therapies, past life regression and integration, sound healing, movement, and deep integration with each client. The Ceremonial container is held sacred, and the safety of each participant is provided for. Connie was an Advanced Wilderness EMT for 12 years and uses medical & human systems knowledge as a foundation for a safe, effective ceremony. The ceremony itself is a blended approach, depending on the individual, or stated purpose of the retreat. Shamanic traditions from Native American Medicine Wheel, advanced Yogic practices and South American Indigenous Medicine are offered, with the supportive context of Transpersonal therapeutic methods. This work offers the opportunity to explore and experience deeper connection with Self, Spirit, and your Essential Nature.

Each participant is required to have an hourlong 1:1 consultation (by phone, video or in person) prior to ceremony. This allows Connie to understand your emotional, spiritual and physical history; your goals for the work; to clear up misconceptions and to describe how the ceremonies will proceed. Follow up integration sessions are offered post-ceremony; this is where the real work begins…in your lived experience, day to day and moment to moment. Connie offers mature, multi-dimensional continual support for those she serves.

Integration sessions are also offered to those who have had medicine with other practitioners or ceremonies, but are having a difficult time with the process. Schedule by appointment. $65 917.806.8650

Microdosing Guidance and Support is offered for beginners or those with experience, for a safe, consistent support container with an experienced, compassionate and trained professional. Initial consult and setup includes hourlong video or in person session; covering the fundamentals, materials and support plan. We will examine all the factors that contribute to your success in shifting & expansion. Diet, relationships, beliefs, habits and spiritual practices will be addressed. Ongoing sessions & support are offered at $85, booked by client request. Call or email to inquire further.

Shamanic Day of Beauty $750

One long, flowing Ceremony. Centered on you, sacred recipient of rituals that reveal and support your Divinity. Our body is our vector for Enlightenment…and by the way, when was the last time you were tended to, head to toe, body, soul, energy fields? This 4- 4.5 hour long service centers on your spiritual and emotional release and alignment, recalibrating the physical tissues. Offered via sacred self care & beauty rituals, in a sonic coccoon. You ARE the God/Goddess. Merge into Divine presence as Connie offers you expert skill & intuitive sense via 12 modalities. Guided Breathwork, movement, creation of a personal ritual. A 1-hour consult is required in order to book this service.

  • AM Kambô Session- full system cleanse
  • Anointing of hair & body
  • Plant Medicine Facial Masque
  • Lymphatic Drybrushing 
  • Deep Therapeutic Massage + Hot Stones + Crystals
  • Sound Healing 
  • Plant Medicine Support + Breathwork
  • Transpersonal Integration Therapy throughout
  • Coaching: Personal Ritual