Connie Magee


Namaste!  Welcome to Sacred Valley.  I am a multi-modality massage therapist and healer, and yoga and meditation teacher.  Using transformative massage as the foundation, I weave in hot stones, sound healing, Reiki, guided meditation, shamanic medicine, movement (yoga + taiji), crystal therapy, sacred practice cultivation and altar creation.  Many clients initially seek me for bodywork or pain/stress relief, but after one session, they realize that the scope of what I offer provides healing for many other areas of their lives.  Read Testimonials here

By seamlessly combining  powerful healing modalities and 12 deep manual massage techniques, sound healing, guided meditation, energy work and in-depth counsel, we maximize the potential and effectiveness of each session.  The result are deeper, longer lasting, and more meaningful than “dollar-a-minute” massage.  My work reflects the expertise I developed and demonstrated as a teacher at Cedar Stone School of Massage, as well as fluidity gained as an experienced teacher of yoga and meditation.  Combining 9 years of yoga teaching and 12 years as an adventure Guide and Wilderness EMT, careers teaching Science in public schools and investment accounting on Wall Street–these allow me to relate and offer healing to a wide range of clients.

The core of my work is to integrate powerful techniques, release blockages that cause pain and imbalance, and restore symmetry and flow within your system.  Your system is then freed to heal itself.  I provide a safe and spacious container, expert skill, grounded guidance and sensitive awareness.  I have worked with professional athletes, chronically and terminally ill persons, adolescents and teens, as well as “regular adults” with back and neck pain.  In 2020, I will offer Acupuncture as well. 

After owning & guiding for an outdoor adventure company in NYC for 12 years (along with careers in Wealth Management and teaching Science to 8th graders), I attained my climbing guide’s license and yoga credentials, then added massage therapy, sound healing and energy work, to my ever-evolving set of healing skills.  I attained Board-Level certification hours at Cedar Stone School of Massage and am a Virginia Licensed Massage Therapist.  I hold Advanced-level Sound Healing Certificates from IASH and training with gong master Don Conreaux.  Shamanic healing emerged in my practice concurrently over the past 5 years, and includes Native American, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine practices.   In 2020, I will complete my studies in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine thorough the Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine.   I acquired my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Certification at Sonic Yoga in NYC, and am most of the way through the 500 HR Teacher Training. My style of teaching is vinyasa flow, and I offer expert instruction in meditation techniques, Pranayama (breathwork) and INTEGRATING this into your daily life. I hold endorsements in all the modalities I offer.

A committed personal yoga & spiritual practice has sustained me thorough many radical life changes over the past 20+ years of practice.  My own INTEGRATION is the pattern and foundation that I use to help clients find unity and wholeness in their healing journey- no matter how different their life looks. I am the guide, the hands-on healer, and provide support along the way.

As Sacred Valley Healing Arts (SVHA) continues to grow, you will find more collaborators, more special events and retreats, as well as additional healing modalities. If you’re not sure where to start, pick the service that most appeals to you and we can build your healing experience one session at a time.  My approach is to meet you where you are, and lead you on the path toward wholeness and balance.

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