October 4-6, 2019 A mountain escape that serves your body, soul and spirit! Full Moon Ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation & mountains is your perfect escape.

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Join three experienced yoga and movement teachers for a spectacular early-fall weekend in the mountains of WV. DJ’d dance sets! Less than one hour from Harrisonburg, VA is a gathering place for soaking in nature under the darkest skies on the east coast. Our lodge is the perfect place to explore movement of all kinds: expert yoga sessions suitable for all levels; daily guided sound healing meditation, conscious dance every night and organic vegan meals. 360-degree views of unobstructed, undeveloped mountain splendor. Two woodburning stoves, cozy bunk rooms, plenty of space to spread out and lounge. Nooks to hide out in solitude. The energies of the Full Moon will amplify our work, our release and our healing during this special weekend.Depending on the weather, we have the option to dance and do yoga on a large outdoor deck; otherwise, a huge, beautiful hardwood yoga studio with panoramic views of the Appalachian Mountains.

OPTIONAL Kambô Frog Medicine CleanseThursday night, 10/3 7:00pm (details below).

We arrive Friday at 4:00 (or later, if needed) to settle in, explore the woods, and open the weekend with gentle yoga that dissolves into ecstatic dance. (What’s that? Ecstatic dance/conscious dance is free-form, non-verbal, non-partnered, authentic movement in a safe, consensual group setting, with spectacular DJ’d music.)There is no experience or skill required at all- without the need to follow specific steps, we abandon ourselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes us, leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy. Your dance can look like an explosion of movement, or you can roll around on the floor and release emotions.There are no judgments in this space. No talking is allowed during the dance- wordless expression allows the body to release trapped emotions and experience maximum JOY. Matt Wasson DJs sets that will free you into your own movement. Through unrestricted movement, we feel connected to others and to our own emotions, as our bodies release restrictions. The dance serves as a form of meditation, helping us relieve stress and attain serenity. The night ends with a Yin Yoga practice and a long, guided Gong Bath meditation and Savasana.

Mornings we will practice the yogic discipline of Mauna- silence. No talking until breakfast. This will allow you to calm your mind and center your energy, and connect to your body during our 7:30AM practices. This process allows for maximum clarity in your morning, and maximum joy for your day!Saturday Early morning Vinyasa flow and sound healing, then healthy vegan breakfast. This weekend is also your chance to take a break from coffee (a variety of teas will be provided).

The workshop options are designed for maximum choice- Vision Boarding will be offered in the AM and PM, so join as you like; it will be possible to participate in all activities if you like…or none at all, and just nap. It’s your retreat. Our lodge offers many places to snuggle up with a blanket, besides your bunk.

Saturday Morning

7:30am Silent Vinyasa & Sound Healing  silence until breakfast

9:00am Breakfast

Workshop Options: Strength & Balancing Techniques; Vision Boarding

Lunch/Rest time/Nature time

Afternoon Workshop: Embodying the Chakras; Vision Boarding

Dinner/Rest time/Nature timeYoga, Dance & Meditation; Yin Savasana

Our evening movement practice opens with flowing Vinyasa and dissolves into dance. We end with guided Yin yoga for deepest structural release. Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowls equalize your brainwaves and all body vibrations down to the cellular level, to a point of pure resonance. During the last retreat, the sound healing lasted nearly 3 hours, because people were so blissed-out and comfortable in their nests, they literally couldn’t/wouldn’t move. So Connie kept going. When was the last time you felt that level of release, safety and bliss?Bonfire Ceremony We gather round the fire, a tradition as old as humanity itself, and soak in the darkest night skies in the East coast. Starlight, moonlight, firelight.Sunday Early morning Vinyasa followed by hearty Vegan breakfastClosing movement practice (outside, weather permitting).

This retreat is your chance to explore movement in many new ways, in a safe, fun atmosphere, under the guidance of three experienced teachers of yoga, meditation and the healing arts. The end result is a new level of joy, feeling of connectedness and openness.

OPTIONAL: Kambô Frog Medicine Cleanse, Thursday night Oct. 3, ~7:00pm. Requires a 12-hour fast prior. No food, minimal water , the entire day Thursday.The ultimate cleanse- body, mind, spirit? Kambô is the medicine of transformation, as it is the Master Cleanser. Multi-dimensional healer Connie Magee offers a special ceremony the night before our retreat. Traditionally, we receive Kambô medicine at every season change, for health and alignment. You will sleep deeply and awaken with incredible clarity, lightness and clearer skin and sensory organs! This will enhance your weekend experience and allow you to connect more deeply to the movement, the energies of nature, the nourishment of the foods, and ultimately yourself as a divine being.Rapéh & Sananga will be served, as well. These indigenous medicines are legal, powerful agents of emotional & spiritual transformation as well as physical cleansing of the entire system. Bioactive peptides allow your system to dump its toxic load and fully release. All medicines offered are legal and safe. These are not psychedelics. This indigenous and ethically obtained medicine is from the Amazon, where it has been used for centuries to purge the body, cleanse the spirit, release energetic attachments and heal disease of all kinds. It is known simply as “The Inoculation.” Tribespeople take Kambô at every season change, lifelong.The medicine provides incredible mental clarity, sensory acuity and restored physical function, as well as pain relief for chronic conditions. It is also known as “Hunter’s Medicine,” as is taken by tribesmen prior to hunting in the jungle at night, due to the stamina and mental clarity it provides. It is especially effective for depression, anxiety, substance abuse/addictions, PTSD, sexual trauma, autoimmune issues, Lyme disease, musculoskeletal pain, heavy metal and chemical toxicity, infertility and many other conditions. Clients invariably report feeling lighter, more emotionally intact, and empowered to make changes in their lives, where they were previously blocked. Longstanding physical and mental issues show improvement or complete resolution with this medicine. Kambô is best received in a Cycle of 3 during one moon cycle, or ideally, 3 in 3 days. Connie offers this medicine continually by appointment in Harrisonburg and other areas, and in group session at the season changes. This allows the Medicine and process to work at progressively deeper levels, for greatest benefit. If you wish to incorporate a Cycle of 3 into the retreat, Connie can offer this in the early AM before activities begin.There are dietary and spiritual preparations- contact Connie directly via fb Messenger or email to initiate. A detailed preparation document will be sent and each participant will receive an in-depth 1:1 screening. This medicine is not offered to anyone with serious heart conditions, history of aneurysm, Crohn’s or Addison’s Disease or an active drug or alcohol addiction. A fast of 12 hours is required prior to each ceremony, and meat/dairy-free diet for 3 days before and after. This medicine is safe, powerful and effective. References available upon request.


PAST RETREATS: coming again soon!

April 26-29, 2019:  Spring Escape w/ Justine and Connie in West Virginia!  $450 early sign up (before Mar. 1)

Barre, Yoga, Meditation, Massage and MOUNTAINS

Individual or small group healing retreats in amazing natural settings. Call (540.416.2964) for individual or custom trips.

Past custom healing adventures have included the island of Dominica; Sedona, AZ; regional outdoor adventures and journeys in the western US. Connie offers retreats at Treasure Mountain Lodge & Bike Park in Franklin, WV. Next retreat is April 26-28, 2019.

Retreats can be created based on an individual, couples, families or small groups. Any of the modalities and services listed on this website can be included: private yoga & meditation instruction; sacred practice cultivation; specialized bodywork, outdoor adventure. Connie has 12+ years experience as an adventure guide and Advanced wilderness EMT. She has taken clients to 8 countries and traveled to 22 herself. Start to finish, you’re in good hands.

Jan 2019 Feedback:

Spending a weekend with Connie Magee was a profoundly grounding  

opening beautiful awakening. I went to the weekend with an empty cup  

no expectations, but knew that I have been dealing with many anxieties  

and fears and I’ve been trying to work through over the past year.  

Connie held space on a  beautiful sacred mountain top where there was  

no light pollution, no cell phone service, no flight Paths.

Through movement/yoga, breath work, daily individual and group sound  

healing with her magnificent gongs and singing bowls, energy work, and  

chanting all held in sacred ceremony, I feel as though I was able to  

release all of the things I intended To let go of, and created space  

and openings for many blessings that I’ve been waiting to receive.

Thanks again for such a great weekend!