January 3-5, 2020  Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation & Mountains Retreat

Ready for the ultimate reset?  Three day mountain yoga retreat with twice-daily sound healing, meditation, intention-setting ceremony as we enter 2020.  The new year offers powerful energy for shifting your patterns, intentions, and energy.  We will harness the considerable alignments at this time to call in our highest release and transformation.
Two yoga teachers, workshops, bodywork, auricular acupuncture, and amazing vegan cuisine!  Twice-daily yoga and sound healing ceremonies.  Two gongs, 50 Tibetan Singing bowls, drums, chimes and voice are integral elements of each practice, as we release, refine and reset for 2020. Thematic meditations include: creating a Personal Guidance Card, woods walking meditation with sound healing, New Moon ceremony. Twice daily asana practice. Two deep Sound Healing sessions. Campfire ceremony. Massage therapists onsite (pay out of pocket).  Health coaching group session focused on revamping your approach to food.  Learn how to make your own beeswax meditation candle.  Beeswax carries a high vibration that changes the energy of the room.


Past participants have greatly appreciated the “down time” we build into the schedule, to absorb and reflect on what they’d experienced, whether simply by napping, or by journaling, exploring, reading, reflecting with others.  Most of us have over-scheduled lives; this is your New Year’s Reset and a chance to chill and rest up.
The Summit lodge sits atop a hill in the midst of a beautiful valley and river on the property.  The property is also part of a working organic  farm, so you will have the chance to wander and meet the magnificent heritage pigs, goats, chickens and cows. Bring your sketchbook or journal- creative guidance will be offered and we incorporate our Personal Guidance Card into our practice throughout the weekend.
The facility is a magnificent stone manor hilltop home at 1Tribe Farm. The Summit is Settled on top of over 190 acres of grazing land with access to Middle River. It has 4 large bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, 4 fireplaces and sweeping views of the valley and mountains.  The soaring great room will be our home base for yoga and sound healing, with panoramic views and outside terrace.
The gallery kitchen flows on one side and the stone terrace on the other.  A separate dining room with built in cabinetry and a fireplace offers comfortable places to nap, read, rest and unwind.  A separate room is our Healing center for the retreat, where
we will have highly skilled, integrative bodyworkers who are also Reiki pracitioners on site for hands on healing work (pay directly for services onsite).
You are encouraged to limit or eliminate “devices” this weekend, as we clear our attachments and raise our vibration for the new year. Vegan meals included. Shared rooms for 13; floor space offered at a discount (bring your sleeping bag & pad). Limited to 13 participants. $395 ($410 after December 1).
Activiites include: 
Twice-daily yoga and sound healing
Health coaching session
Campfire ceremony
Make your own beeswax meditation candle, infused with sacred intention
Massage therapists onsite (pay out of pocket)
Optional Kambô Frog Medicine Cleanse (additional $125 and prep required)
Kambô Frog Medicine Ultimate Cleanse: $125 special retreat price.   Arrive 9am Friday; requires 12 hour fast and prep instructions- contact magee.connie.kay@gmail.com directly for prep instructions.
Kambô Frog Medicine is nature’s most powerful cleanse, reset and system reboot.  Connie has offered this at numerous retreats (pre-and post) and participants have experienced deep, lasting transformation.  Connie holds safe and sacred space as you release your deepest toxins, toxic emotional patterns, heavy metal, infections, all manner of heavy energy that is the root of illness.  Client references & testimonials available.  You must contact Connie in advance for prep instructions and consultation. magee.connie.kay@gmail.com
Your Instructors: 
Connie Magee is an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT) and has been teaching at The Center Downtown in Harrisonburg for the past 5 years and travels extensively teaching. As a bodyworker, she has deftly integrated sound healing, stones and shamanic healing into her work for the past 5 years, offering private sessions as well as workshops in 6 states. Her mesmerizing guided meditations blend with elements of nature and instruments, for transformative states and deep clearing and healing. She began sound healing and teaching yoga during her life in NYC, at Sonic Yoga and courses with Satya Brat and Don Conreaux. Clients and students value Connie’s creative, integrative and inspired approach.  Connie has been serving the sacred indigenous Kambô frog medicine for 3 years and has helped hundreds of clients release trauma, illness, psychological disorders and addictions.  She received intensive 1:1 training with Aria Ra Loba, and experienced medicine woman who lived in the Amazon for 6 years.
Rachel Hupp is a certified health coach and registered yoga teacher.As a health coach certified by the American Council on Exercise, Rachel studied a variety of dietary theories, behavior-change science, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods. She meets clients where they’re at on their wellness journey and educates and empowers them to make healthier choices around food, exercise, and lifestyle. As a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT® 200) registered with the Yoga Alliance, Rachel studied yoga philosophy, compassionate functional movement, anatomy, relaxation, mindfulness and meditation. She provides a supportive environment where students of all levels can practice together. Rachel understands that making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. By providing clients with the right tools and knowledge, she helps clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards personal success.
Feedback from last year’s retreat:
Spending a weekend with Connie Magee was a profoundly grounding, opening beautiful awakening. I went to the weekend with an empty cup- no expectations, but knew that I have been dealing with many anxieties and fears and I’ve been trying to work through over the past year. Connie held space on a  beautiful sacred mountain top where there was no light pollution, no cell phone service, no flight Paths. Through movement/yoga, breath work, daily individual and group sound healingwith her magnificent gongs and singing bowls, energy work, and chanting all held in sacred ceremony, I feel as though I was able to release all of the things I intended To let go of, and created space and openenings for many blessings that I’ve been waiting to receive.
Thanks again for such a great weekend!
Love, P
What a wonderful retreat.  I had a blast, I was able to meet new like- minded people, in a beautiful setting, where I was made to feel welcome and loved. For me it’s a 10.
Meditation and sound therapy was my absolute favorite, with Ben present. Standing between gongs, in the bowl, had healing qualities, for my nerve and body injuries. Quiet time upon rising. Releasing ties, at the bonfire, while cultivating new seeds. The wonderful mix of humans. Food was amazing. Being unplugged

Most of all, you my dear, and your complete attention to each one of us, as if it were a personal session.
Restful, therapeutic, soul-filling, cleansing, in a beautiful and safe setting.
Price was more than fair for all aspects. Much was gained in my life from this experience.
I have been part of many things similar to your retreat, this was by far the most personal one I have ever attended. Well done.
Thank you, V


SoulMedicineMushroomRetreat Feb 2020PDF.jpg


This will be a weekend-long sound healing and medicine ceremony with Golden Teacher Mushrooms, Sananga, and Rapéh. Schedule below.

Kambô Frog Medicine will be offered at 3:00pm Friday, for an additional cost of $100. Please contact magee.connie.kay@gmail.com for prep information and with any questions. Kambô requires a 12 hour fast and is perfect cleanse and preparation for the teacher medicine experience.

We are also offering a special Detox Wellness Package! In addition to the retreat, it includes:

One Kambô session on Friday;

Two (2) handcrafted herbal detox tinctures Reishi and Goldenrod, for liver detox, parasites/candida & biofilm elimination and mental clarity;

Facial Reflexology with Connie during the weekend, for emotional integration, meridian support and relaxation. Detox Wellness Package: $499 inclusive at checkout.


Hearty soup will be offered pre-ceremonies and healthy breakfasts. Bring additional potluck items/personal preference if you have food sensitivities.

Connie and Zachary will lead you on a healing journey within yourself and the divine concept of self. We will be encouraged and empowered by healing sounds in a safe, sacred space to review any old beliefs and automatic patterns which no longer serve us, and allow us to sit with our divine selves and redefine the story, the relationships, the automatic patterns and ways of being. We thereby heal and enhance the quality of our lives, if we so choose this willingly for ourselves.

We open with prayers and everyone will be encouraged (but not required) to share their intentions and be supported skillfully through any necessary shifts. This is where Connie & Zachary offer skilled integration support.

You are welcome to laugh, cry, releasing, reintegrate, heal…right here in the sacred container held by two experienced medicine workers. Fears will be invited to dissolve into all encompassing patterns of love; all negativity will be understood and reintegrated in a positive understanding of authentic negative-and-positive self expressions. Learn the beautiful balance.

There will be life coaching sessions with Zach before and after for those who are interested, so we can clearly identify what we want to move through in the ceremony, move through it, and integrate the lessons as we move back into our normal lives. Connie offers post-session integrative healing massage, Reiki and space-holding.

There will be optional herbal Medicines available, as well as a la carte bodywork from Connie. Additional ceremonies bodywork, one-on-one coaching and sound healing sessions can be booked with either of us as it best suits your needs for support and self care.

Friday, Feb 7

3:00pm Kambô Medicine Prep required and 12 hours fasting. Please contact Connie. Magee.connie.kay@gmail.com

6:00 Dinner & Ceremony (If you are not receiving Kambô, plan to arrive by 5:00pm)

Saturday, Feb 8

9:00 Morning Yoga & Meditation

10:00 Healthy Breakfast & Check-in

11:00-6:00 Day Ceremony, outdoor movement & somatic processing

6:00 Dinner & Integration Workshops, Bodywork & Reiki by appointment

Rest, music, fellowship, good night’s sleep

Sunday, Feb 9

9:00am Healthy Breakfast

10:00-1:00 Integration Circle, Somatic Movement Experience, Authentic Relating

2-3:00pm Ceremony concludes

Donation: Full Weekend $333; with Kambô $433 or full Detox Wellness Package $499. We strongly encourage you to attend the whole weekend, for maximum benefit. One day/night: $199. Kambô add on $100. If you cannot attend the weekend but wish to receive Kambo, you may attend for only that ceremony.



Connie Magee Harrisonburg-based multidimensional healer & medicine woman, who uses bodywork, stones, sound healing, crystals, Reiki and Indigenous Shamanic medicines. She seamlessly and simultaneously blends them during sessions to facilitate deep, powerful healing in clients. She is also an Experienced Yoga and Meditation Teacher, ERYT500. Connie is a grounded and experienced practitioner of Kambô, and provides Integration support pre- and post-ceremony, for meaningful results that you will embody going forward. Clients appreciate the sense of safety and unconditional presence that Connie offers. SacredValleyHealingArts.com

Zachary Heidemann is a life coach, herbalist, sound healer and medicine worker based in Virginia. Zachary helps clients form a proper mindset, heal relationships, utilize herbal support in a coaching context. Zachary is the handcrafter behind WildChildMedicines.com and deftly blends personal coaching, spiritual development, earth-based medicines and sound healing when working with clients. His highest good is in helping your realize your own highest good, and reflecting that together.

We look forward to working together in highest alignment, excitement and greatest good, to be of highest service as we awaken our dreams into realities that we are living richly and authentically. Please bring an instrument if you play and wish to share!

Feedback from last retreat:

“The best parts for me were the Kambo Ceremony, our first ceremony as a group Saturday night, and the hike we took on Sunday. All three still sit and resonate with me greatly everyday. The environment Saturday night was so special. Having the fire pit lit, the music going, us all comfy and laying next to one another. It felt like such a time for personal growth but group bonding as well. I also loved being outside so much, and what a perfect day for it.”

“…best part of the retreat was the main ceremony Saturday night and the sensation of everyone’s energy plus the harmonious sound bath. But the combination of medicines leading up to it was beyond my initial expectation, I think they all fostered a positive bodily experience.”


October 4-6, 2019 A mountain escape that serves your body, soul and spirit! Full Moon Ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation & mountains is your perfect escape.
Cowbell Collective Retreat small Eventme JPG
Join three experienced yoga and movement teachers for a spectacular early-fall weekend in the mountains of WV. DJ’d dance sets! Less than one hour from Harrisonburg, VA is a gathering place for soaking in nature under the darkest skies on the east coast. Our lodge is the perfect place to explore movement of all kinds: expert yoga sessions suitable for all levels; daily guided sound healing meditation, conscious dance every night and organic vegan meals. 360-degree views of unobstructed, undeveloped mountain splendor. Two woodburning stoves, cozy bunk rooms, plenty of space to spread out and lounge. Nooks to hide out in solitude. The energies of the Full Moon will amplify our work, our release and our healing during this special weekend.Depending on the weather, we have the option to dance and do yoga on a large outdoor deck; otherwise, a huge, beautiful hardwood yoga studio with panoramic views of the Appalachian Mountains.

OPTIONAL Kambô Frog Medicine CleanseThursday night, 10/3 7:00pm (details below).

WHAT’S ECSTATIC DANCE? Ecstatic dance/conscious dance is free-form, non-verbal, non-partnered, authentic movement in a safe, consensual group setting, with spectacular DJ’d music.) There is no experience or skill required at all- without the need to follow specific steps, we abandon ourselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes us, leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy. Your dance can look like an explosion of movement, or you can roll around on the floor and release emotions.There are no judgments in this space. No talking is allowed during the dance- wordless expression allows the body to release trapped emotions and experience maximum JOY.
Mornings we will practice the yogic discipline of Mauna- silence. No talking until breakfast. This will allow you to calm your mind and center your energy, and connect to your body during our AM practices. This process allows for maximum clarity in your morning, and maximum joy for your day! This weekend is also your chance to take a break from coffee (a variety of teas will be provided). The workshop options are designed for maximum choice- Vision Boarding will be offered in the AM and PM, so join as you like; it will be possible to participate in all activities if you like…or none at all, and just nap. It’s your retreat. Our lodge offers many places to snuggle up with a blanket, besides your bunk. We will observe silence after 10:00pm. If you have never practiced Mauna (silence) before, you will be amazed by how it calms the mind and sharpens your senses.

Friday Arrive 12:00-4:00pm Settle in.
4:00 Welcome and Introductions
5:00 Dinner
6:00-9:00 Evening Yoga practice that morphs into freeform flow. Matt Wasson DJs sets that will free you into your own rhythm. Through unrestricted movement, we feel connected to others and to our own emotions, as our bodies release restrictions. The dance serves as a form of meditation, helping us relieve stress and attain serenity. The night ends with a Yin Yoga practice and a long, guided Gong Bath meditation and Savasana.

7:30am Early morning Vinyasa flow and sound healing
9:00 Healthy vegan breakfast. We will practice silence until breakfast.
10:00 & 10:30 Morning Workshop Options: Strength & Balancing Techniques; Vision Boarding- Connie get you started on your project and you continue at your own pace over the next 2 days. All workshop participation is optional.
12:00 Lunch/Rest time/Nature time
1:45 Afternoon Workshop: Embodying the Chakras Movement workshop; Vision Boarding continues at your own pace
3:30 Rest time/Nature time
6:00 Dinner
7:00-9:30 Yoga, Dance & Meditation; Yin Savasana
Our movement practice opens with easy, flowing Vinyasa and dissolves into dance. We end with guided Yin yoga for deepest structural release. Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowls equalize your brainwaves and all body vibrations down to the cellular level, to a point of pure resonance. Enter a state of complete release, safety and bliss.
9:30 Bonfire Ceremony We gather round the fire, a tradition as old as humanity itself, and soak in the darkest night skies in the East coast. Starlight, moonlight, firelight.

7:30 Easy Vinyasa Flow & Meditation
9:00 Hearty Vegan breakfast
10:00 Closing movement practice (outside, weather permitting)
12:00 Nature Ceremony
12:30 Lunch
1:00 Kambô Frog Medicine (optional, see below) or depart in bliss
This retreat is your chance to explore movement in many new ways, in a safe, fun atmosphere, under the guidance of three experienced teachers of yoga, meditation and the healing arts. The end result is a new level of joy, feeling of connectedness and openness.

Connie Magee
Connie Magee MS Ed, E-RYT500, LMT has 9 years as Experienced Yoga & Meditation teacher, massage therapist, sound healer, shamanic medicine practitioner, energy worker and acupuncture student. Clients and students value Connie’s creative, integrative and inspired approach. Vinyasa Flow is her foundational style, as well as integrating multiple meditation styles into the movement and seated practice. With 12 years experience as adventure Guide and Wilderness EMT, she’s taken clients all over the world and US on awesome retreats. She teaches weekly classes at The Center Yoga and workshops in 7 states. As a bodyworker, she has deftly integrated sound healing, stones and shamanic healing into her work for the past 5 years, offering private sessions as well as workshops. Her mesmerizing guided meditations blend with elements of nature and instruments, for transformative states and deep clearing and healing. She began sound healing and teaching yoga during her life in NYC, at Sonic Yoga and courses with Satya Brat and Don Conreaux.

Sandra Diaz
Sandra has has been a yoga practitioner for 15 years and completed her 200 hour teaching training through Neighborhood Yoga in Boone NC in 2015. She is also a mindfulness practitioner, and helps facilitate Whispering Waters Sangha, a local meditation group. Sandra’s philosophy: Yoga means to yoke, to join. When we bring our breath, our mind and our body into unison, we allow the wholeness that is our essential nature to express itself. We step on the mat to intentionally witness how we move through the world, in order to lovingly encourage this wholeness to shine through. The more peace we can generate within ourselves, the more peace we have to offer the world. We can then express our values through thought and action from a place of groundedness and spaciousness. The path of the “wholehearted warrior” empowers us to create the world in which we want to live. Yoga, therefore, can be an act of resistance to the forces that encourage us to remain fragmented and distracted from our larger truth.

Matt Wasson
Since 2012, yoga has become a cornerstone practice for Matt’s well-being. Yoga taught Matt how to listen to his body and opened the door to other practices like meditation and dance that are key elements of a happier, healthier and more connected lifestyle today. Matt teaches a vinyasa flow style in which poses are built from the ground up and the core out and every transition is initiated from a place of support. His teaching is informed by many modalities including the Alexander Technique, which was the basis for my recovery from chronic back pain. Matt’s intention in teaching yoga is to help students learn to listen to their bodies and use them more wisely and to increase their range of motion, strength, equanimity and mindfulness.

OPTIONAL: Kambô Frog Medicine Cleanse, Thursday night Oct. 3, ~7:00pm and Sunday, Oct 6, 1:00pm
Requires a 12-hour fast prior. No food, minimal water , the entire day Thursday.
The ultimate cleanse- body, mind, spirit? Kambô is the medicine of transformation, as it is the Master Cleanser. Multi-dimensional healer Connie Magee offers a special ceremony the night before our retreat. Traditionally, we receive Kambô medicine at every season change, for health and alignment. You will sleep deeply and awaken with incredible clarity, lightness and clearer skin and sensory organs! This will enhance your weekend experience and allow you to connect more deeply to the movement, the energies of nature, the nourishment of the foods, and ultimately yourself as a divine being.
Rapéh & Sananga will be served, as well. These indigenous medicines are legal, powerful agents of emotional & spiritual transformation as well as physical cleansing of the entire system. Bioactive peptides allow your system to dump its toxic load and fully release. All medicines offered are legal and safe. These are not psychedelics.
This indigenous and ethically obtained medicine is from the Amazon, where it has been used for centuries to purge the body, cleanse the spirit, release energetic attachments and heal disease of all kinds. It is known simply as “The Inoculation.” Tribespeople take Kambô at every season change, lifelong.
The medicine provides incredible mental clarity, sensory acuity and restored physical function, as well as pain relief for chronic conditions. It is also known as “Hunter’s Medicine,” as is taken by tribesmen prior to hunting in the jungle at night, due to the stamina and mental clarity it provides. It is especially effective for depression, anxiety, substance abuse/addictions, PTSD, sexual trauma, autoimmune issues, Lyme disease, musculoskeletal pain, heavy metal and chemical toxicity, infertility and many other conditions. Clients invariably report feeling lighter, more emotionally intact, and empowered to make changes in their lives, where they were previously blocked. Longstanding physical and mental issues show improvement or complete resolution with this medicine.
Kambô is best received in a Cycle of 3 during one moon cycle, or ideally, 3 in 3 days. Connie offers this medicine continually by appointment in Harrisonburg and other areas, and in group session at the season changes. This allows the Medicine and process to work at progressively deeper levels, for greatest benefit. If you wish to incorporate a Cycle of 3 into the retreat, Connie can offer an additional ceremony on Sunday at 1:00.
There are dietary and spiritual preparations- contact Connie directly via fb Messenger or email to initiate.
A detailed preparation document will be sent and each participant will receive an in-depth 1:1 screening. This medicine is not offered to anyone with serious heart conditions, history of aneurysm, Crohn’s or Addison’s Disease or an active drug or alcohol addiction. A fast of 12 hours is required prior to each ceremony, and meat/dairy-free diet for 3 days before and after.
This medicine is safe, powerful and effective. References available upon request.


PAST RETREATS: coming again soon!

April 26-29, 2019:  Spring Escape w/ Justine and Connie in West Virginia!  $450 early sign up (before Mar. 1)

Barre, Yoga, Meditation, Massage and MOUNTAINS

Individual or small group healing retreats in amazing natural settings. Call (540.416.2964) for individual or custom trips.

Past custom healing adventures have included the island of Dominica; Sedona, AZ; regional outdoor adventures and journeys in the western US. Connie offers retreats at Treasure Mountain Lodge & Bike Park in Franklin, WV. Next retreat is April 26-28, 2019.

Retreats can be created based on an individual, couples, families or small groups. Any of the modalities and services listed on this website can be included: private yoga & meditation instruction; sacred practice cultivation; specialized bodywork, outdoor adventure. Connie has 12+ years experience as an adventure guide and Advanced wilderness EMT. She has taken clients to 8 countries and traveled to 22 herself. Start to finish, you’re in good hands.

Jan 2019 Feedback:

Spending a weekend with Connie Magee was a profoundly grounding  

opening beautiful awakening. I went to the weekend with an empty cup  

no expectations, but knew that I have been dealing with many anxieties  

and fears and I’ve been trying to work through over the past year.  

Connie held space on a  beautiful sacred mountain top where there was  

no light pollution, no cell phone service, no flight Paths.

Through movement/yoga, breath work, daily individual and group sound  

healing with her magnificent gongs and singing bowls, energy work, and  

chanting all held in sacred ceremony, I feel as though I was able to  

release all of the things I intended To let go of, and created space  

and openings for many blessings that I’ve been waiting to receive.

Thanks again for such a great weekend!