Sunday, Dec 29, 2019   2:00-4:00 pm  The Center Yoga, 217 N. Liberty 2nd Floor H-burg,
Pre-New Year’s Eve Intention-Setting Yoga, Meditation & Gong Journey
Join Connie for the powerful practice that will work you, center you and align you, to prepare for the change of the year.  Gongs, chimes and percussion instruments clears and balances the physical energy; deep guided meditation and intention-setting calms the mind and clarifies your desires for the coming year; Gong journey washes away the static, the inflammation, and the resistance, so you can flow into 2019 with clarity, balance and peace.  Fourth annual event!

Friday, January 10, 2020 6-8PM  $25 The Center Yoga 217 S.Liberty ST
Tribal Vibrations Sound Healing  
Drumming, didgeridoo, native flutes and other instruments help you connect roots to earth, and feel a rhythmic pulse within. This special sound healing will feature guest sound healers as well! This session will reunite you with your soul, though sound and vibration. Ancient instruments, timeless healing methods.
Thursday, Feb 6  7:15-9:15 pm $25 The Center Yoga 217 S. Liberty St #201
Restorative Yoga, Reiki, Sound Healing w/Acudetox $30
Winter wears us down, and what you need right now is some gentle movement, supported Yin poses and energy work, all wrapped in the sonic cocoon of a gong bath. You may also receive Acudetox ear needles as you relax in your nest. Vibrational healing works on your entire system, equalizing brainwaves, removing blockages, and soothing the nervous system. You will feel completely renewed and reset!
Friday, March 14, 2019   6:00-8:00pm $25 The Center Yoga 217 S. Liberty St 
Spring Renewal: Sound, Ayurvedic & TCM Self-Care
Join us for a sound healing and self care practices from the eastern traditions: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Both ancient healing lineages offer many ways for us to repair and care for the body, mind & spirit. We will explore several ancient techniques from several traditions, learn a specific breathwork and healing meditation, then dissolve into bliss with Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs and chimes.
Friday, April 10, 6-8PM 2019  The Center Yoga 217 S. Liberty St.
Sacred Sound Healing
We honor the sacredness in all beings and invite you to bring your own sense of spirituality to this devotional sound healing. Your mat becomes your altar- sacred space, adorned with flowers, crystals, figurines, medallions-whatever connects you to the divine. Call forth your own inner healer. Our gentle movement practice will include devotional poses, we will use our breath and voices to connect to higher energies, and settle into a sound journey beyond measure. Ocean and Sky will be summoned by the gongs, and layers of sound enveloping the experience.