Saturday, June 1 12:00-3:00  $49 Friendly City Dance Room
Barre, Breath & BodyFlow w/ Sound Healing  
Are you ready for a half-day vacation for body, mind & soul? Right here in Harrisonburg??
Justine & Connie team up once again to rock your body, open your breath pathways, and soothe your senses. Three perfect hours of tuning your system, guiding you through your restrictions, resulting in maximum energy and balance.
Did we mention how FUN it’s going to be?
Bring a yoga mat.
Thursday, June 13  7:15-9:00 pm $25 The Center Yoga 217 S. Liberty St #201
Summer Shimmer Sound Healing
Cool off with the shimmering sounds of gongs, chimes, bells and other tinkling things as Connie leads you through guided meditation and sound healing.   This 5000 year-old therapy profoundly affects the nervous system. Divine vibrations of Tibetan Singing bowls enables you to enter a deep, alpha-theta brainwave state, in which healing is stimulated at the cellular level. Resonating with the eternal sound of the planet- AUM- Tibetan singing bowls provide meditative, therapeutic & transformational healing.  Flow into summer with clarity.  No experience necessary. Wear loose, comfy clothes and drink water to prepare.
Friday, July 12, 2019   6:00-8:00pm $25 The Center Yoga 217 S. Liberty St 
Summertime Chillout
Cool your jets in this flowing, trance-inducing movement and sound healing meditation. At the height of summer, our internal resources can become drained. Soothing vibrations melt away the frazzle; brainwaves are entrained to harmonic frequencies. The result is a centered self, a calm mind and deep, restful sleep.

Sunday, Dec 29, 2019   10:30am-12:00 pm 

$20 Three Notch’d Brewery, H-burg,

Pre-New Year’s Eve Intention-Setting Yoga, Meditation & Gong Journey

Join Connie for the powerful practice that will work you, center you and align you, to prepare for the change of the year.  Invigorating Vinyasa flow clears and balances the physical energy; deep guided meditation and intention-setting calms the mind and clarifies your desires for the coming year; Gong journey washes away the static, the inflammation, and the resistance, so you can flow into 2019 with clarity, balance and peace.  Fourth annual event!