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Boone, NC: Conscious Dance Boone Neighborhood Yoga  High Country Yoga

YOGA at the Arboretum (Main Building) Wednesdays 12:-1:00 CALL for dates and to Register via the Arboretum:  (540) 568-3194

Sound Healing Workshops at The Center Yoga (click link or call to register: (540)383-0438)

Crystalline Sound Healing Series Monthly

Join teacher, healer and shamanic practitioner Connie Magee for a shamanic sound journeys as we honor the seasons and cycles of the Zodiac. Each session will focus on the astrological energies of the time.  Utilizing crystals, herbs/oils, rituals and sacred sound to activate our microcosmic connection to the universal patterns and alignments.  Regardless of your personal astrology, we are each called to align with the energies of the current moment, Dates align with the full moons. Within a container of guided meditation, breath, mantra and sound healing, Connie guides us into discovering more of our own true essence. No experience is necessary.
Saturday, January 15 6:00-8:00pm Capricorn Season; Cancer Full Moon Bring crystals such as garnet, azurite, emerald, ruby or lapis lazuli, and a small bowl or cup.  Rosemary, tarragon and chamomile herbs or essential oils.
Wednesday, Feb 16  6:00-8:00pm Aquarius Season; Leo Full Moon  Venus + Mars Conjunct Bring crystals such as yellow jasper, amethyst, aquamarine, turquoise and bloodstone, and a small bowl or cup.  Comfrey, rosemary, fennel, violet herbs or essential oils.
Friday, March 18 6:00-8:00pm Pisces Season, Virgo Full Moon Bring crystals such as aquamarine, chrysocolla, amethyst, and jade, and a small bowl or cup.  Basil, lemon balm, sage herbs or essential oils.
Saturday, April 16 6:00-8:00pm Aries Season, Libra Full Moon Bring crystals such as carnelian, citrine, garnet, opal, diamond, sapphire or jasper, and a small bowl or cup. Basil, nettle and geranium herbs or essential oils.

Personal Sadhana Rituals Workshop Series   Jan 31- Feb 28  7-8:30pm  $145

Building a personal spiritual ritual practice can feel overwhelming or beyond reach at times.  Yet, we are never not creating rituals.  Question is, what rituals are serving and which are harming?  How do I want my life to FEEL?

Our Day takes the shape of our Morning, and our Life takes the shape of our Days.

Join experienced yoga teacher, Medicine Woman and LMT Connie Magee for  a 5 week transformation via self-created morning ritual practices.  Our morning practice is our beacon to the Unified Field of Consciousness, broadcasting our intention and willingness.  Willingness to start our day in a conscious, devoted way.  The beauty path returns to us in the unfolding of our day. 

What is Sadhana?  Yogapedia offers:

Sadhana (Sanskrit: साधन) is a Sanskrit term used to refer to a daily spiritual practice. Sadhana represents a disciplined surrendering of the ego, in which the practitioner uses tools such as asana (poses/movement), pranayama (breathwork), meditation and chanting on a daily basis.

Anything that is practiced with awareness, discipline and the intention of spiritual growth can be considered as sadhana, but it must be practiced alone and for the sake of the individual. As such, it does not need to be a physical activity; even daily self-study of yogic or spiritual scriptures is a form of sadhana.

Sadhana is also a means of forging a ritual connection with God or universal energy. It encourages the practitioner, known as the sadhaka, to use self-discipline in order to achieve power over the ego and maintain connection with universal oneness. With regular daily practice, the practitioner continually realigns his or her inner self, slowly progressing toward the very ultimate expression of consciousness known as samadhi.

During this 5 week workshop series, we will explore and test-drive different rituals & practices for including in one’s daily morning practice.  Self-inquiry tools & self-witnessing to anchor it; and group sharing/processing/refinement each week.  Each person’s Sadhana will be uniquely their own- no two are alike.  Refine your rituals + process with the group, if you choose.  But the practice is yours alone to embrace and refine every morning you wake.

By working as community within the workshop, we become allies, teachers and support for one another.  But the ultimate “product” is your individual practice…One that will evolve, and serve you over time.  

You will leave this course with a cohort of journeyers on the Path, where we can connect, reconnect and keep the spark of devotion alive during difficult times.

Connie guides us in doing and learning Personal Spiritual Rituals that will form the basis of your personal morning Sadhana.  Connie offers Ritual Prescriptions, Ceremonies, Revocations, Breathwork, Movement Mantra and Plant Medicine components to each participant.  

Each session, we also discuss and co-create rituals to be tested out at home.  Keep what resonates, release what does not.  

Each week we share our progress, inspiration as well as where we may feel stuck or resistant.  Collaboratively, we refine the elements, or provide support through group Karma Kriya (cleansing practice).  

Karma Kriya is a group experience whereby we cleanse the energy of the group, the individuals, and where ever else the energy exists in our local human experience.   

In a 30-45 minute group healing container, fueled by prayer, ceremony, movement, ritual and sound healing, we offer a collectively personal issue for transformation, cleansing & alignment.    

For example: We offer for transformation the Sense of Lack that all of us experience at a soul level, though the expression in each life is unique in form and flavor. 

 In the final session, we create a Personal Spiritual Manifesto that becomes the basis for our own ceremonial invocation and personal mantra. 

At the end of the 5 Week Workshop (5 sessions), you will have developed a personal Sadhana home practice, learn how to work with ritual and ceremony, and expand your self-healing to your entire life.

Each class meets for 90 minutes.   5 Monday nights Jan 24- Feb 28  7-8:30pm  $145 register at

Resuming in 2022:

Tuesdays in May-October 5:30PM $25 Edith Carrier Arboretum, wooods Pavilion, Harrisonburg, VA Sound Bathing at the Arboretum Join Connie in the Arboretum (at the woodsy Pavilion shelter) for a forest Gong Bath! Etheric vibration and nature’s pure resonance. Bring your nest (yoga mat, chair, blanket). No experience necessary! CALL to Register via the Arboretum:  (540) 568-3194

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April 26-28, 2019 Franklin, WV

As an experienced yoga & meditation teacher Connie offers personalized instruction and coaching.   Begin a practice; refine your practice; embody your practice. ($70/hour).  Teaching since 2011, Connie loves to do anything outside, so why not go for a yoga hike with this former Adventure Guide and Wilderness EMT?  Retreats and Healing Adventure Travel options as well.  You’ll have fun, be challenged and gain unexpected insights, in the studio or among the wilder places.  Listen to Connie’s podcast series here, for insights into her teaching, art, travel and spiritual connection.  Monthly Sound Healing workshops at The Center Yoga. Roving workshops all over: Boone, NC, Radford, VA, Fayetteville, WV, Kansas City, MO, Palmyra, PA

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