I have had treatment from Connie for 4 years, and cannot imagine life without her skills and talents. I have chronic sciatica, frequent anxiety, and challenges from degenerative disc disease and arthritis. Without her care and attention, I would not be able to comfortably live my life and perform daily functions at home and work (and I have a very stressful – mental & physical – career).  

Over the course of my 46 years, I have received massage treatments too numerous to count, and I can say with 100% certainty that Connie’s therapy is the most beneficial, comprehensive, and professional I have EVER received. In fact, upon recently considering a change of physical residence out of state, her care was a deciding factor in NOT moving.

Encompassing both mental as well as the physical, her treatments provide whole body & spirit care. Most don’t understand that healing one without the other does not provide long term or lasting relief. Yet, Connie gets that it’s absolutely necessary to address every individual’s mental and physical states in crafting her treatment plan. She adjusts according to need and comfort, and always provides a well-balanced and comfortable environment.