I have been familiar with Connie’s body work, energy work, and sound healing for some time and have benefited as a participant in her classes.

I recently asked her to do a group session for the Arthritis Foundation’s Arthritis United conference. She provided the first session of the conference on Friday evening, March 9, 2018. Our community has chronic health problems that include limited mobility, chronic joint pain, brain fog, and many other debilitating symptoms. We like to provide education about complementary therapies, such as sound healing and meditation, in addition to conventional medicine. Many of our participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to try something new and learn more about it. They expressed that the experience relaxed them and helped calm some of their symptoms. Several participants in the session stayed afterward to pick Connie’s brain. She set a healing tone for the rest f the conference.

In St. Joseph, Missouri, Connie is a recurring visiting teacher at Yoga Room LLC. As a regular student there, as well as a chronically ill person, I can attest to the positive effects her practice has helped me cope with the stresses of daily life, offered me insights about my own body, and helped me focus my mind. Her presence at Yoga Room draws a large crowd, and many people return anytime she returns as a visiting teacher.

Ms. Magee’s practice helps heal a community in its own way. She draws people together and alleviates stress. She educated the public about Eastern and alternative medicine and allows us to experience it firsthand. I heartily recommend any effort to make her services more accessible to the community.